C Mountain
C Mountain
Feel like your in school.  Let's see how much you remember.
1) Who was our principal?
Ann Glover
Frank Lopez
Ron Darnell
Clarence Romero
2) Where did everyone like to hangout afterschool?
Buttermilk Shamrock Station
Bayard Shopping Center
Suger Shack
Lotta Burger

3) Where did we have our graduation ceremony?
Parking Lot
4) Who was called Punky?
Lucille Udero
Carmen Llames
Kathy Gutierrez
Lillian Perez

5) What was the name of our school newspaper?
The Pow Wow
Copper Country
War Whoop
Cobre Pride
6) Who was Valedictorian?
Doreen Wofford
Ronald Bradsby
Cheryl Holland
Chuck Gray

7) Who were Prom King and Queen?
Carlos Quinones and Mary Ann Rios
Robert Morales and Rosalie Pedraza
Mike DeLaTorre and Grace Pena
Tommy Parra and Doris Marin
8) What year did President Obama graduate high school?

9) Which sports team won the state tournament their first year?
Girls Softball Team
Boys Golf Team
Girls Bowling Team
Boys Swim Team
10) Who were Drum Major and Drum Majorette?
Ben Garcia and Patty Cabrera
James Abalos and Sarah Valerio
Carlos Dominguez and Doreen Wofford
Ramon Barajas and Patty Cabrera

11) What are the school colors?
Blue and White
Orange and Black
Red and White
Purple and Gold
12) Which classmate's mother and father were both PE Teachers at Cobre Schools?
Gloria Trujillo
Terri Darnell
Kenny Walters
Tommy Gutierrez

13) What is the school mascot?
Cobre Indians
14) Who were the two Senior Varsity Cheerleaders?
Beverley Bookout and Martha Villagran
Gloria Harvey and Barbara Villegas Martinez
Toni Munoz and Cecilia Alvarado
Grace Lopez and Evelyn Martinez

15) What was the name of the grocery store located in the Bayard Shopping Center?
Shop and Go
Times Supermarket
16) Which classmate's father has a Bayard Boulevard named after him?
Archie Dominguez
Jim Foy
Dan Trujillo
Richard Houston