Let us know your coming to the reunion with an RSVP.  By helping us out we can start planning ahead with all the menus and activities.
Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Beverley Bookout
Terri Darnell (Cervin)
Carol Garcia (Nathasingh)
Carolina (Carol) Garcia (Nathasingh)
Micahel Garcia (Lucero)
Jack Good
Catheryn Huber (Good)
Catheryn A Huber (Good)
Toni Munoz (Salaiz)
Glover Nathasingh
Rosalie Pedraza (Rios)
GRACE Pena (Wallin)
Lillian Perez (Perez Villalobos)
Loriann & Daniel Rios
Lorenzo Salas (Rios)
Mona Trujillo (Garcia)
Martha Villagran (Ortiz)
Total 13 7